Over the last decade accommodation problems in Ghana’s tertiary institutions have become increasingly acute. One of the consequences of this difficulty is that the nation’s universities have been able to admit only about a third of students who qualify to study at the tertiary level.

In response to this problem, the social security and national insurance trust (SSNIT) through its subsidiary Ghana Hostels Limited (GHL) embarked on a programme during the late 1990’s to build hostels on the university campuses to help reduce accommodation shortage confronting the nation’s tertiary institutions.

In addition to GHL, non-profit agencies, corporate organizations and private enterprises have also embarked on projects to provide additional accommodation facilities on the campuses of Ghana institution of higher learning. These include university Alumni Associations, well-endowed institutions such as the Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO), the Ghana universities senior staff association (GUSSA), private businesses such as TEISO Limited have also funded hostel development projects in the overall effort to improve the accommodation situation on university campuses.

Furthermore, individual landlords who have recognized the acute accommodation needs of tertiary education students have developed suitable properties around the campuses of the institutions of higher learning to attract students who are not able to obtain accommodations on campus.

While the attempts made by the institutions external to Ghana’s universities and individual landlords have helped to alleviate students’ accommodation problems to some extent, lodging in Ghana’s tertiary institutions continues to pose a challenge to both the university authorities and students and a lot more will have to be done if the problem is to be adequately addressed.

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